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Illinois residents only due to licensing restrictions
If you are having suicidal thoughts or are in crisis, please call 988.
This is the mental health hotline for the State of Illinois.

Ginnie Seaman MA, LCPC, CADC, GCE
Many Pathways Founder

Ginnie Seaman My passion as a therapist is assisting people to find the best way for them to heal. I strongly believe that therapy needs to be tailored to the person seeking healing. That is why I chose the name “Many Pathways” for my practice. We will find the best route for you to reach your goals. I have had extensive training and experience in many techniques and approaches in my 30 years as a therapist.

Specializing in treating
Depression, Trauma, Anxiety, Substance Abuse
Ginnie Seaman
Many Pathways Founder


Depression Depression is more than normal ups and downs. Let’s heal what hurts. You don’t have to feel this bad. Symptoms of depression can inlcude: sadness, loss of pleasure in things that used to feel good, crying, feeling hopeless and helpless, body aches, weight gain or loss, sleeping too much or can’t sleep enough, feeling guilty, tired all the time, thinking about dying or being dead. Call for an appointment whether its with me or someone else.


Trauma Bad things happen. If you are lucky and have enough support and resilience, you can get past it. But it doesn’t always work out that way. Trauma from a young age, repeated trauma or very severe trauma can be crippling. It can interfere with your ability to cope with life in a healthy way. Take the first step and call.
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Anxiety Everyone has some anxiety. But for some people, it can be the main focus of life. Constant fear about when the next panic attack might strike. Not being able to stop worrying about things that may never happen. Racing thoughts. Trying all sorts of things to reduce the discomfort.
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Substance Abuse

Addiction Substance abuse can damage your life by harming you and the people around you. We can begin by reducing the harm caused to you and your loved ones. We can explore the best way for you to live a healthy and enjoyable life. You will not be shamed or negatively judged.
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